Benefits of Calamari Oil

Benefits of Calamari Oil

Benefits of Calamari Oil

August 9, 2013

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By Stacey Jackson
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Calamari Oil - A Health Supplement That is Not Only Great For Your Own Health, But For the Environment's Health Too!

The calamari squid may not be the most attractive sea creature out there, but the health benefits of the oil derived from the calamari squid sure do make up for its outward appearance! Infact experts are becoming more and more aware that calamari oil has health benefits and advantages that leave other fish oils at the start line!

So what exactly is calamari oil? How does this oil differ from others and what are the health benefits of calamari oil? Let's find out!

What is Calamari Oil?

New to market, calamari oil is an omega 3 fish oil obtained, of course, from the calamari squid. Ensuring that our diet includes sufficient Omega 3 helps protect our bodies against cancer, heart problems and numerous neurological disorders, aswell as preventing memory loss. Such benefits will be outlined later in this article.

So How Does Calamari Oil Differ From Other Fish Oils?

- Calamari oil is 85% higher in DNA that any other creature of the sea. Infact calamari oil contains more DHA than it does EPA. For other fish oils the opposite is the case.

- Calamari squids have a short life span in comparison to other fish. Therefore the chance of toxins being accumulated is lower.

- Friend of the Sea has certified calamari oil as 'sustainable'. Other species are not caught, infact it boasts a pretty much zero by-catch. Beautiful coral reefs and ocean floors are not affected or touched during the catchment of calamari squids, making this omega 3 source extremely environment-friendly.

- Reproduction for calamari squids is at an early age and maturity follows after a short period, therefore the accummulation of mercury is kept to a low level.

- Squids are not simply harvested for their oil and then thrown away. Instead the oil is derived from the trimmings that were once simply viewed as waste.

- Calamari squids are not in general harvested by large industrial fleets, but instead by small and local producers.

The facts seem to point to one very obvious fact. Not only is the calamari omega 3 oil the best fish oil for our health and that of our family, but it seems to offer the best benefits for our environment too.

So What Health Benefits Can You and Your Family Expect from Calamari Omega 3 Oil?

The list of health benefits provided by calamari oil is literally endless. No wonder so many health experts feel that if we were only able to have one supplement for our good health out choice should be fish oil. Endless studies have proved that the 'health power' derived from fish oil can have our bodies running like Mercedes instead of Minis!

Below are just some of the health benefits that you and your family may expect from a regular intake of calamari oil:

- Improve joint health, including giving relief to sufferers of arthritis and osteoarthritis. Calamari oil works to ease stiff and tender joints and make movement both easier and less painful.

- Reduce the build-up of plaque and clots in the arteries running to the brain therefore working to improve artery health.

- Impact the calcium level in the body so improving bone health.

- Improve mental health. Depression, bipolar and even mental health problems like schizophrenia can all be aggravated by a lack of omega 3. Calamari oil can help nerve cells in the brain to communicate more efficiently by providing insulation to the cells.

- Improve health of the bowels. Problems such as Crohn's disease can be helped with the introduction of calamari oil as the oil works to reduce inflammation.

- Reduce pain associated with menstruation and improve general menstrual health.

- Prevent various forms of cancer such as prostate and breast cancer.

- Lower triglycerides and increase HDL so working to improve and maintain good cholesterol.

- Reduce symptoms associated with psoriasis, acne and other skin problems and improve overall skin health.

- Can work effectively in the treatment of children with autism, providing a therapeutic effect. Children who suffer from attention deficit disorder can also receive therapeutic benefits.

- Provide benefits for diabete sufferers including reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.

So are you interested in introducing calamari oil as a supplement to your family's diet? Of course when starting any new supplement it is always good to consult your doctor and make sure you stick to the recommended dose on the label.

If you do choose to bring this fishy friend into your home you may very well find that this all-around healer finds a permanent place in your family's diet. Remember, you will be choosing a health supplement that is not only great for your own health, but is great for the environment's health too!

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