Compare Calamari Oil Versus Krill Oil

Compare Calamari Oil Versus Krill Oil

Compare Calamari Oil Versus Krill Oil

August 9, 2013

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By Stacey Jackson

Are you interested in different types of fish oil supplements? If so you may have explored the benefits of fish and krill oil. However, before you decide which type of supplement is the best source of nutrition, be sure to research calamari oil for its health and ecological benefits.

Calamari oil is actually known as calamarine oil.If the name, calamari, sounds familiar, you may have already guessed the source of this supplement. It comes from deep water squid. This oil actually contains all the benefits of krill oil, but is six time richer in omega-3 fatty acids (EFA) And DHA. These two types of nutrients are the primary reason that most people take fish oil supplements in the first place.

Do you care about sustainable fishing? You should know that krill are often only harvest for their oil. Squid are used as a source of food, and the oil only comes as a byproduct. This means that when you purchase calamari oil, you are much more likely to be purchasing from a reliable supplier that gets its oil from sustainable fisheries.

What Are The Advantages Of Consuming Calamari Oil?

Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary to the proper function and repair mmany organs and organ systems in your body. Sometimes you might heard sources of EFA called "The Good Kind Of Fat." It is possible to consume some of these essential nutrients in your diet. You may have already heard that certain types of fish, seeds, and nuts are good sources of omega-3 oils.

However, calamarine is one of the very best sources of rich omega-3 fatty acid on the planet. High quality oil comes from deep water sources without toxins. In addition, these sources use oil from sustainable fisheries. The choice seems very clear.

Also, most people cannot consumer enough of these types of foods to actually get a good supply of omega-3 oil. This is especially true as people age and their bodies are not as efficient as using nutrients as they were when they were younger. Beyond the difficulty of eating enough of the right type of food, most people just do not take the opportunity.

While a healthy diet is always suggested, you can take a simple supplement like calamari oil in order to make up for some lapses. As you travel to work and school, it may not always be possible to control your diet. You can simply ingest a convenient capsule with this oil in order to be sure your body has what it needs to stay healthy and heal.

One fatty acid, known as EPA, has anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulation properties. This makes it critical to keep your heart and entire cardiac system healthy. This means you are less likely to have trouble with heart disease, including high cholesterol.

DHA has been associated with brain and vision health. If your body has a plentiful supply of DHA, it may be able to keep these very vital organs functioning well for a longer time.

Another benefit associated with essential fatty acids are relief from mood disorders. Many people have found that their depression or other mood disorder partially stemmed from an inadequate supply of EFA. Your brain needs this essential fatty acid to main balance and operate well too!

Do you suffer from skin conditions. These may include acne, eczema, and simply dry skin thought to be a result of aging. Some people have allergies or sensitivities that make them much more prone to skin problems than others. Science is still not sure exactly why.

While EFAs may not cure sensitive skin conditions in every person, they have been demonstrated as a good way to alleviate symptoms. In many people the most aggravating symptoms could be relieved by ingesting more omega-3 fatty acid. In some cases, these are also included in topical creams, lotions, and ointments too. If you have a sensitive skin condition, consider the benefits of getting enough essential fatty acids.

Arthritis is often regarded as a natural sign of aging. However, since EFAs are a natural anti-inflammatory, they can help your body reduce swelling and even relieve pain. Many studies have demonstrated that people got relief from arthritis when they consumed more omega-3 fatty acids from a variety of sources.

Why Try Calamari Oil

You need a rich source of a variety of omega-3 essential fatty acids to stay healthy and alert. While it may be possible to ingest this in your food, it is probably not likely you can eat enough. You could take inferior supplements, like fish or krill oil, but the sources of these oils are questionable and they are not that packed with EFAs compared to Calamari oil.

Take the best stuff for your body while supporting sustainable fishing. Calamari oil seems like a clear choice over alternatives.

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