Summary of Calamari Oil Benefits

Overview of the health benefits of Calamari Oil

Summary of Calamari Oil Benefits

August 1, 2018

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By Stacey Jackson

Calamari Oil Benefits

The benefits to health of regularly taking Omega-3 fish oil supplements have been recognised for a long time. Our ancestors ate a diet which was diverse and rich and featured regular amounts of fish. If you look at the Mediterranean diet it is full of Omega 3 with anchovies, sardines and calamari being common ingredients. In Medieval Britain laws had to be passed to stop masters giving their apprentices salmon more than four times  a week as the fish was easily fished from the Thames so was an often free food source.  Nowadays we eat much less fish, particularly the oil rich ones like mackerel and herring.

Regular intake of Omega-3 can have positive effects on your heart and blood pressure by improving heart arrhythmias, reducing inflammation of your arteries and provide a source of the good cholesterol HDL.  This in turn helps to protect against coronary heart disease and stroke.  It also has a beneficial effect on the blood supply to the brain and may improve brain function so can be effective against dementia and mild depression.  Studies have also shown that this dietary supplement can minimize the effects of autoimmune disorders such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease whilst also protecting the body’s outer layer, i.e the skin.

Whilst we recognise the benefits of Omega-3 fish oil there is a problem; our fish stocks are dwindling and producing the oil by many of the current methods is unsustainable, particularly using current fishing methods.  As the name suggests Calamari Oil comes from a particular species of squid which is regularly used for food.  The life cycle of the squid is short and it reproduces quickly so is in plentiful supply.  In addition the Calamari Oil can be produced as a by-product of food production giving it an even smaller carbon footprint.

The way the squid are fished for is also environmentally friendly as it usually performed from small fishing boats  using traditional methods that don’t disturb the ocean floor and so doesn’t harm the corals that may be growing lower down in the ocean.

From a health point of view the Calamari Oil Benefits are even greater than those of regular fish oil supplements because it has more of the Omega Oil DHA which produces the greatest range of benefits of the three Omega-3 oils.

In addition because it is fresh it doesn’t have the smell that traditional fish oil products have so doesn’t leave a bad breath smell or fishy taste in your mouth.

So to summarise we all need to ingest more Omega-3 for better health.; many people do this by taking a fish oil supplement which is high in Omega-3 usually sourced from dwindling fish stock, the Calamari Oil benefits are that it has more DHA than standard fish oils therefore may be even more beneficial for your health and  the squid it comes from are in plentiful supply and can be fished in a manner that doesn’t harm the environment.  So you can protect yourself whilst protecting the world around you.


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