Health Benefits of Calamari Oil

Health Benefits of Calamari Oil

Health Benefits of Calamari Oil

August 9, 2013

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By Stacey Jackson

What Are The Main Health Benefits Of Calamari Oil?

If you already know the health benefits of an adequate supply of omega-3 essential fatty acids, you might have already researched a variety of ways to get more of this vital nutrient in your body. A couple of typical ways are to include more omega-3 rich food in your diet and to take a supplement which provides more EFAs in liquid or capsule form.

Actually doctors and some regular people, like your mom, knew the benefits of taking supplements for a long time. If you are older, you may remember having a bottle of "cod liver oil" around. It was supposed to be good for everything from skin problems to many symptoms of aging. It smelled and tasted awful, most people did not have a clear idea why it was good for them, but it was supposed to be effective. Anything that tasted and smelled that bad, had to be medicine, right?

Anyway, doctors and savvy moms actually were headed in the right direction. This is true even if kids might have bolted when they saw the bottle and teaspoon come out! It is just that calamari oil is a much richer source of essential fatty acids, needed by the body for repair and function, than other types of fish or krill oil.

Consumption of this oil in a capsule from a high quality source also is not associated with the unpleasant side of taking fish oil. Calamari oil provides several times the amount of these omega-3 fatty acids as other types of seafood oils. Most people do not report heartburn and a foul aftertaste either. This is one big reason that calamari oil has become the sea oil supplement of choice these days.

Consumer Calamari Oil For Your Health And The Health Of The Earth's Oceans

One other side benefit of choosing calamari oil over other sources is that squid is fished for food anyway. The high quality of supply of calamarine oil has become popular with consumers who are concerned about their health and the health of the planet.

They want to buy their oil from sustainable fisheries who obtain squid from deep water without man-made toxins. This is not something that you can be sure of when you buy other types of fish or krill oil. Good calamari oil is likely to be healthier for you, and it is more likely to be gathered in a sustainable way so that it will be available for generations in the future.

Consume The Richest Source Of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids

The benefits of a regular supply of EFAs are well-known. Your body needs plenty of these nutrients in order to run and repair vital organ systems in your body. These range from your brain to your heart to your joints.

Calamari oil is one of the richest known sources of essential fatty acids, especially DHA and EPA. Other food sources, like seeds and nuts, usually contain more ALA but very little EPA and DHA. DHA is the main EFA that your body needs.

This is not to say that consuming some land based sources of these fatty acids is bad. In fact, consuming a handful of nuts or seeds each day is a very good way to make sure you have a balanced diet rich in a variety of EFAs. Take your calamari oil and eat some of these land sources of EFAs, and you have probably done what you can to ensure your body has the right balance of essential fatty acids. Good supplements work best when taken with a sensible diet.

It is just true that you are unlikely to get enough EFAs if you only rely upon your typical diet. Most Americans do not eat enough of the right food each day. It is better to strive for a good diet, but a supplement can help your body forgive you for a few too many inadequate meals. Even if you are very health conscious and try to eat right at every single meal, you are unlikely to consumer the perfect balance of different essential fatty acids. That is why it is simple and convenient to turn to a supplement.

The benefits of getting enough omega-3 fatty acids are well documented today. These include helping your own body prevent many diseases and ward off symptoms of health issues. These include conditions of your brain, heart, joints, and even your skin. In order to help your body repair itself, you need to make sure you consume a variety of these omega-3 fatty acids so your body has what it needs when it needs it.

For a good source of these vital nutrients, turn to people and earth friendly calamari oil. It is a potent source of omega-3s, unlikely to contain toxins, and sourced in a sustainable way.

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