Major Benefits of Omega–3 DHA for Kids

Major Benefits of Omega–3 DHA for Kids

Major Benefits of Omega–3 DHA for Kids

October 7, 2013

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By Stacey Jackson

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fats in the human body that help in enhance immunity and a better brain development in children. DHA fats are found in fish, mostly cod and other seafood’s. The funny thing about omega 3 fatty acids is that, the human body produces it in mediocre levels, thus need supplementing for a better health especially for infants and little children under the age of 5. It is also estimated that, if a pregnant mother takes omega-3 and DHA before the infant is born, the child has a guarantee of a high IQ by the time he or she gets to 4 years. Pediatricians also recommend children to be given these supplements in their infant life for better health and mental conditions.

DHA on the other hand plays a key role in the development of neurons and nerves within the body. Neurons are key transport and communication mediums between other body parts and the brain and have a very critical role. It is through these neurons that one can be able to sense something, whether touch or smell; the brain and spinal cord communicates with muscles through motor neurons for muscle contraction and reflexive actions. DHA, just like Omega 3 fats can be found in sea foods, and in vegetable oil.

Benefits of DHA and Omega 3 in the human body (Kids)

During pregnancy

Brain and body development: Doctors have proven that omega 3 DHA supplements taken by mothers during pregnancy helps in the baby’s brain and body development while still in the woman’s womb. The child shows signs of alertness and attentiveness at a tender age of 3. Unlike other children, this child takes note of things through eye and hand coordination. These signs of intelligence continue to show up to 4 years, where his or her sociability and scores in intelligence tests are remarkable. Mothers are thus recommended to take DHA supplements while pregnant for their child’s intelligence.

Immunity and preterm labor: Still on the above mentioned facts, the child continues to show improved health and immunity against diseases such as asthma and colds at a very tender age. It is interesting to note that, their immunity runs all the way till the child is at the teenage stages. In addition to this, mothers who take omega 3s during pregnancy have a lesser risk of developing premature labor pains. This thus ensures that the child healthy and without any blemishes or organ problems.

Omega 3s for infant children under the age of 13

Once the child is borne, he or she stops depending on the mother on a 100% basis, especially during weaning time. Although a mother’s breast milk contains some omega 3 in it, it highly depends with what the mom is eating, and whether it has omega 3 such as sea food.

1. Brain development and high brain IQ: Omega 3 is an important compound that helps in brain development. About 20 percent of the human brain is made from fats, with omega 3 and DHA fatty acids making up the most part of the cerebral membrane of the brain. This thus means that, children who take omega 3 or sea food during their tender age have a higher risk of developing brains with higher IQ than others. A child who takes Omega 3 DHA frequently has higher records of staying alert for longer, and his or her school results can prove that. In addition to this, omega 3 supplements help reduce hyperactivity in these children. This helps enhance their responsiveness in more important things in life.

2. Immunity and disease resistance: Immunity in children critical in a child’s health and development. Omega 3 supplements help enhance a baby’s immunity against many diseases and infection, which includes depression, DHAD, diabetes and asthma. Even if the child lives in prone conditions to contract these diseases, their immunity system can fight them, with very few succumbing to the infections.

3. Cardiovascular health and wellness: A recent research on the effectiveness of omega 3 DHA has shown that they indeed help enhance cardiovascular health greatly. With the heart being protected against major infections and disorders through the omega enrichments, the child can be assured of better performance in the field. This is because blood is pumped into all organs efficiently. Omega 3 fatty acids are also believed to enhance a child’s visual capability, as their eyes are sharp and can take note of small pins at a tender age.

4. Red blood cell and plasma production: DHA plays a major role in the manufacture and production of all components of the blood, which includes platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells. Supplementing DHA and omega 3 in a child’s life helps enhance production of these vital components of the blood. A child with a huge red blood cell count has a better performance, both in class and in the field. This is because adequate oxygen is supplied in time for respiration, thus better performance.

5. Neural health: the body functions through neural receptors that direct specific organs on the next mode of action. DHA is the main compound used by the body to manufacture neurons and nerves, which play an important role in the body as receptors.

6. Reproductive health: DHA, also known as Docosahexanoic Acid also plays a key role in genetics and reproduction health of a child. This compound found in sea foods plays a key role in sperm and ova production in the human body. Persons who lack this compound in their bodies have greater chances of being unable to produce children and barrenness. It us thus safe to provide your child with ADH and Omega 3 Supplements for a brighter reproductive future.

Omega 3 fats and DHA are commonly found in sea foods and especially in fish. It can also be found in vegetable oils such as sunflower oil or from kales. Although these fats are present in sea foods in higher quantities, Fish induced mercury into the human body, which can be harmful when taken in large quantities. This does not mean you should refrain from eating fish, but need to watch the number of fish meal you take or give to your child in a week. Nevertheless, one can find Omega 3 and ADH supplement from over the counter. This is the easiest and maybe cheapest way to get these essential fats for your kid’s growth.

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