Some Calamari Oil Side Effects

Some Calamari Oil Side Effects

Some Calamari Oil Side Effects

August 9, 2013

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By Stacey Jackson

In recent history, Fish Oil and Krill Oil have garnered the most attention out of the supplements containing Omega-3 fatty acids. The reasons for taking Fish Oil are quite simple. Fish Oil contains high concentrations of Omega-3 and DHA. Both elements are essential to a healthy body and immune system.

There are many benefits for supplementing with an highly concentrated Omega-3 and DHA supplement.

For one, it helps fight heart disorders. Omega-3 is known to be beneficial to your heart because it has the ability to reduce the amount of triglycerides in your blood. Omega-3 supplements also help thin your blood, which reduces risks of a heart attack.

Another benefit is that highly concentrated Omega-3 and DHA products help fight inflammation. Inflammation is one of the causes of most diseases. This helps to fight many deadly diseases such as; Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease and many more.

Another good benefit of Omega-3 supplements is the  ability to lower cholesterol. Cholesterol is something that builds up inside of your body and causes your arteries to constrict as plaque builds on your arterial walls. This causes your heart to have to work harder to pump blood through the constricted walls, and thus could trigger a heart attack.

Omega-3 supplements fight cholesterol by increasing the amount of good cholesterol and reducing the number of bad cholesterol in the body. Increasing good cholesterol is one of the best benefits of Omega-3 supplements. Good cholesterol acts as a cleaner and removes the bad cholesterol and triglycerides from your body.

Although Omega-3 and DHA products have amazing abilities to help your body and improve health, caution should be taken when adding them to your daily regimen. According to recent studies, Fish Oil supplements may contain high levels of mercury and other toxic metals. This could cause serious harm to your body, and is advised to avoid such supplements. Fortunately there are alternatives that have recently been discovered.

Research and studies have pinpointed a new "super nutrient" which can deliver up to six times the Omega-3's and DHA as its counterparts. That new "super nutrient" is known as Calamari Oil.

Calamari Oil is extremely purified and highly concentrated Omega-3 with high DHA extracted from deep sea calamari. Research shows that Calamari Oil can contain up to 85 percent more DHA than it's counterparts.

As with all supplements, it is important to understand that they may cause unwanted side effects. Calamari Oil's counterparts; Fish Oil and Krill Oil are known to contain high concentrations of toxic metals. These toxic metals can induce insomnia, nausea, and and indigestion. These Fish Oil's containing high concentrations of toxic metals are typically found in the lower quality supplements.

Calamari Oil is purer than Fish or Krill Oil. Therefore, Calamari Oil is less affected by these toxic metals. In fact, Calamari Oil has to undergo a detoxification process that removes all substances that increase oxidation.

Despite the fact that Calamari Oil is purer. It will still posses the ability to cause the same unwanted side effects of Fish or Krill Oil. Another side effect that could be experienced from Calamari Oil occurs when taking high doses. In high doses, Calamari Oil can reduce the immune systems activity. This causes the body to be unable to fight infections.

Calamari Oil can also cause the same minor side effects of Fish and Krill Oil. Some of these side effects include; bad breath, belching, indigestion, nausea, rash, loose stools, and nosebleeds.

Another side effect to look out for is if you are allergic to seafood. It is not 100% certain that if you have a fish allergy you will be affected. However, it has been reported that users of Calamari Oil have experienced allergic reactions to it.

Another side effect you may experience is abdominal pain. This pain can result from your body producing too much gas. This increase of gas in your stomach can often be very painful. The good news is that your body will likely adjust to the higher intake of nutrients and this pain will be temporary.

Along with these potential side effects, taking Calamari Oil may increase the symptoms of certain medical conditions. These conditions include; depression, bipolar disorder, diabetes, high blood pressure and HIV. Unfortunately, the symptoms of each of these conditions could worsen as a result of taking Calamari Oil.

It is only recommended taking high doses of Calamari Oil under medical supervision. Even though it is unlikely that you will experience any serious adverse effects from taking Calamari Oil. It is best to be safe and understand the risks.

Calamari Oil can truly benefit a large majority of the world's population. Especially for those that tend to eat an unbalanced diet of Omega-6 to Omega-3. It is best to supplement with Omega-3 products because it would be hard for a large part of the population to get the required amount through diet alone.

As with any supplement, it is advised to ask your health care practitioner if Calamari Oil is right for you.

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